Youth Programs

Creative Arts

The creative arts program works with children and youth individually and collectively to eradicate notions of poor self-development while using interactive approaches via art to empower those through self-expression. Our programs are focused on a wholesome engagement practice for youth with leadership characteristics to inspire creativity.

Act-Up! (interactive drama class)

ACT-UP! is a program designed for middle and high school youth who want to participate in an interactive drama program. Through weekly workshops, where they are encouraged to be themselves, students will gain a voice, build confidence, self-esteem, verbal communication skills and learn to creatively express themselves through the dramatic arts.
Ages: 12-18

ArtPad (Interactive Visual Arts Program)

Experience in the arts can enhance children’s intellectual and emotional development while providing them with a way in which they can explore and express themselves. The ArtPad program at FCS is an interactive visual arts program that aims to nourish and stimulate the student’s imagination and develop the ability to think creatively. The program will include drawing, painting, sculpting and more.
Ages: 8-18

Dance For Me (Interactive dance class)

The Dance For Me program offers a variety of interactive dance courses to cater to everyone within the community. Instructed by a professional dancer the program offers:
Hip Hop, Modern, and Bollywood classes for all age groups
Creative Movement in Drama for Youth

Movement Therapy for Differently abled Individuals

Dance Fitness and Wellness for Youth and Women
Ages: 6-18
Drum Circle
The Drum Circle at FCS is a youth social circle, where individuals have the opportunity and space to actively involve and express themselves through music and the playing of drums. This after school activity will be run by trained volunteers and will allow these youth to have a safe and judgement-free place to relieve some of the stress they may be facing in life.
Ages: 14-18